(It’s) All About Me

Hi Im Matt and I live with my husband (also Mat, he has one ‘T’ , I have 2.)

I am a Regional HR Business Partner, touring the country and  sharing the love, my husband flogs cars.

We rekindled an old friendship in 2014 after having met 12 years before. I was 34, single and re-living my younger years as my mid life crisis began! As a gay man, the option to have children was somewhat more difficult than the plethora of tooth-less Jeremy Kyle guests that bang out 6 children by the time they are 21 . Im not lucky enough to have had children of my own

My husband had a complex past and to cut a long story short, came with two beautiful grown up daughters. On our wedding day, I then became the wicked stepmother!

This blog is inspired by my role as a sudden stepdad, I will record the trials and tribulations of being a gay step-dad in the 21st century and share my experiences of my new family, but also to share my witty and random observations of life.

I am a slightly overweight, wrong side of 35 ‘non specific’ gay guy and really see life as an experience and would love to share some of these with you.

I warn you that my blog is very random and you’ll hear about a multitude of subjects from my hatred of ‘leggings’ to how to cook a nice toad in the hole.

I would love to hear from you and connect with fellow bloggers. Im not in this to make a load of money but just to have fun…but if anyone fancies donating a luxury yacht and villa in the Maldives, I will naturally oblige.

I hope you enjoy, please get in touch.

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24 thoughts on “(It’s) All About Me

  1. Oh, how I agree with you on the baby factories and their “careers” of government handouts. *climbing down from soapbox*
    You don’t look like a wicked stepmother but I believe they all pretend to be sweet and loving until they start handing out poison apples or making the poor stepdaughter scrub the floors. If you haven’t done these things you will probably lose your standing in the Wicked Stepmother Alliance. Don’t worry,though. There are actually a bunch of great non-wicked step-parents out there and we’ll take you in!
    Your girls are adorable and so are the two of you! I can’t wait to read about your adventures as 1) a newlywed 2) a step-parent 3) a middle-aged guy (I say guy because it sounds like you’re one of the guys that we women roll our eyes about when he tries to do something and mutter, “He’s SUCH a guy!”

  2. Your comment about the toothless wonders was funny and spot on. Also, a bit sad. It’s a shame that so many people who really shouldn’t get to have kids are blessed with too many. Your blog sounds hilarious, heartwarming, and fun! However, why you got a beef with leggings?! Leggings are life 😜

      1. Just click the link and do as I did – usually they come with the steps outlined, but this one is pretty simple just tell your readers 7 things about yourself and then nominate anyone you’d like (and notify them that you have 🙂 )

  3. I was really enjoying your “about me” page, but then I got to “hatred of ‘leggings’ ” and became intrigued so I searched for your leggings post. I had a much needed belly laugh over the vision of someone “smuggling oreos”, thanks for that. 🙂

  4. I hang out at Susie Lindau’s Blog a lot and she mentioned a few bloggers she had met on her European adventure and thought I’d check them out. Congrats on the humor award. Super glad she posted pics on the bloggers bash and meeting you folks. You got some good stories here.

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