52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 14- Blue

Welcome to another edition of 52 Weeks of Eurovision, if you missed last week’s post on Bonnie Tyler you can find it here.

This week  I go back to 2011 where the contest took place in Dusseldorf, Germany after Lena won the previous year with her song ‘Satellite’.

The United Kingdom were represented by ‘Throwback’ boy band- ‘Blue’ who had recently made a comeback after a number of years ‘exploring other pursuits’. The song ‘I can’ came 11th place with 100 points. After the competition it was revealed that the tele-vote result put them in 5th place, however the jury put them in 22nd place. Blue announced that they were a victim of ‘political voting’….Had they never watched the show before?

Lee Ryan and Antony Costa auditioned in for a boy-band back in 1999, put together by Simon Cowell, Ryan made it through and was coupled with Will Young, who went on to win ‘Pop Idol’ in 2002. The band never took off and Lee Ryan went and joined Blue, which was formed by Antony Costa and Duncan James.

Blue had a collection of number 1 hits in the early 2000s including ‘All Rise’ and ‘Guilty’ and were always hitting the headlines, whether it be Antony Costa getting arrested for pissing on a cash machine, Duncan coming out as bisexual or Lee Ryan’s infamous ‘sex tape’….(just look it up). The band were the 1st UK entrant to have a series of number 1 hits under their belt since Sonia in 1993.

Azerbaijan (sorry where?) won the competition this year with the song ‘Running Scared’ performed by Ell and Nikki.

These days you can find Duncan James playing Ryan Knight in Hollyoaks and Lee Ryan pulling pints in the Queen Vic in Eastenders. (Unlike barmaid Tracey, he actually has a storyline).


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  1. I’m getting really excited for Eurovision! Loving this Blue throwback. I absolutely LOVED Duncan James. Properly loved him. Lee Ryan however disgusts me. Not because of the sex tape, but because he’s a knob.

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