52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 12- Nicki French

Welcome to this week’s edition of ’52 Weeks of Eurovision’, if you missed last weeks post on ‘Buck’s Fizz’ you can find it here.

This week we go back to 2000 where the contest was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The United Kingdom was represented by Nicki French…a mutton dressed as lamb cabaret act with a barnet like Gail Platt. Until Eurovision, French was best known for her 1995 cover version of the Bonnie Tyler classic ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, of which she has dined out on ever since.

The song ‘Don’t play that song again’ lived up to it’s name…and after finishing in 16th place (at the time..the lowest ever scoring UK act), it was NEVER played again.  Maybe it was her overly dramatic performance at the contest…or the decision to wear lilac that led to the UK’s downfall in the millennium year.

Denmark stole the show this year with ‘Fly on the Wings of love’…a song by two old gits with guitars…otherwise known as ‘The Olsen Brothers’.

For the first time this year..the contest was broadcast in Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA. (Long before Australia decided they were part of Europe)

Here is Nicki French wowing the crowd at the Globe in Stockholm…these days you can find her in your local gay bar after midnight..amongst other drag acts such as Sandra the Whore of Hamstead Heath and Candy Slag.



13 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 12- Nicki French

  1. This is truly awful. The song & outfit that is, not your post! Who’s idea was it let her represent the UK?! Cannot WAIT for this year’s contest! 😁

  2. Just no, no and thrice no! This is why I avoid Eurovision lol. Great reminder on that score 🙂

  3. Mutton dressed as lamb cabaret act with a Barnet like Gail Platt is a brilliant description 🙂

  4. Ha! Love your descriptions! I haven’t seen Eurovision since I left the UK in the ’80s – and kinda miss it. Didn’t realize it was broadcast in Canada – probably on a channel I don’t get. Anyway, not sorry I missed this song 🙂

  5. Thanks for digging this one up for the vaults, Matt. I’ve buried it back where it belongs. However, I’m sure those backing singers were doing some ‘Scooch – Flying the flag’ movements. Yikes!

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