Every day it is a military operation in our house to ensure that the power to our modern technology necessities is replenished on a daily basis in order to resume normal life. This all seems to go Pete Tong when you add ‘millennial teenagers’ into the mix.

With a mobile phone, an iPad, a work phone and an electronic cigarette to charge (and thats just me), there never seems to be enough chargers to complete this activity without a rotation schedule.

Seemingly, the girls can never seem to find their own chargers that came with their iPhones and this is where the charge rotation is disrupted.

“I need the charger Im on 8%”, I hear one say, “I’m taking yours off charge as its 49%”

“Err No! thats my charger”, I have learned NOT to say, because as much as I would like, once in a while to reach 100%, I know I will never hear the end of it if their  youtube and snapchat accounts become inaccessible for longer than 6 minutes in any 24 hour period. So I reluctantly give in and forgoe  adequate battery life to last me the day, in order to appease their appetite for a Zoella or Joe Sugg marathon youtube fix.

I will never pretend to understand the fixation with watching ‘you- tubers’ talk about make-up and plugging their products to get another million viewers, but It does seem to keep kids occupied (and quiet) at least. I remember my Saturday mornings were spent watching ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ and Denver the last Dinosaur’ on my analogue T.V, and not even owning a computer….but I guess things have changed and so must we.

However on the subject of change…surely there needs to be a better way to charge your phone….it’s 2017, why don’t we have USB sockets in our walls, like we do in our cars, because once you have found your charging cable (or bought another 5 from the pound shop), the next hurdle is finding the plug to go with it. Or better still, a self- charging phone!   We have almost cracked going paper-less (well I haven’t), why can’t we go wireless too!?

Please tell me I’m not the only one that has this problem?, where do all the chargers disappear to? Is there a Phone Charger fairy that travels in time from the 1980s on a vigilante mission to stop children from becoming morons?

Answers on a postcard… (see even saying that makes me sound old….nowadays its an app or text vote)

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21 thoughts on “PhoneChargerGate

  1. We’re now entering your era now with an 12 year old with his first phone… a power bank that needs to be kept charged and his tablet… alongside 9 year old lil princess with her tablet…and the two family Ipads… and my hubby’s tablet… our two phones and my Surface…
    Wires EVERYWHERE!!!!
    What gets me is when they don’t plug low battery items in to charge when there is time… then we get the whole drama of no battery and how life will end if said YouTuber can not need watched!!!

  2. Haha, I can totally relate to this! I have two boys (18 & 16) and a daughter (14) and god help anyone in the vicinity if their electronics stop working! My daughter is always pinching my charger (and my straighteners but that’s for another post!) and my middle son highjacks my Netflix account on a regular basis!! I’ve even had random makeup parcels delivered from Amazon because my daughter uses my prime account!! Nothing is sacred! Good job we love um 😊😳

  3. I think it’s a teenager thing because like you, mine says the same word…I’m at 11% I’m unplugging you. My answer is always the same don’t you have a charger? To which I receive the same nonchalant reply, “yeah somewhere”.

  4. I’ve lost track of how many chargers we’ve bought. I reckon there’s a charger chewing gremlin lurking ready to pounce. Everyone seems to unplug MY phone on MY charger when it’s at less than 11% because -why? Even now, being empty nesters and all, son #2 comes to visit, grunts hello, and heads for my charger. That phone is permanently velcroed to his hand, only to be removed when in imminent danger of going flat.

  5. It’s definitely a mystery where they go! I seem to have an abundance of plugs though. It’s the leads that are like gold dust.

  6. Ha!
    I have a similar problem with my husband! I have no idea where all the chargers go!

  7. I swear there’s a specialized mat that you can place quite a few electronics on to charge. Have you seen something like that?! I get it, though. I’m a (somewhat) responsible adult and I seem to always lose necessary parts needed to charge my lifelines! Gah!

  8. My very techy little brother recently informed me that he bought new plug sockets for his flat – that actually have USB ports in them as well as standard plug sockets!! Apparently you can buy these for less than a tenner and a little help from an electrician! X

  9. Mine are left plugged into wall sockets in hotels, bags (but not the one over my shoulder) at the bottom of the wardrobe, kicked under the sofa or down the back of the kitchen drawer. I’m typing this on 18% – I SO get your problem.

  10. Luckily my son is old enough to buy his own charger, because mom is not giving hers up. That ship sailed when I realized that I use my phones (yes, I own 2) more than he used his one. But that’s what happens when you work for a wireless company.

  11. Lemme see…in my household there are:

    3 kindles
    4 cell phones
    1 iPod
    1 misc MP3 player
    5 USB-chargable electronic cigarettes (3 of us vape in the house)
    1 GoPro
    1 digital camera
    1 DSLR camera

    And the kids LED Poi stuff – which I’m estimating is 12 separate battery packs which need to be plugged into your standard Micro USB’s.

    Not to mention the wall charger for the manual battery chargers for all the OTHER vape gear in the house, and the laptops which require a wall outlet to charge, as well.

    I keep a micro USB cord at work, as well as hidden in the car, on top of the birds-nest of wires at home, just to keep everything at 50% power or less…

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