52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 10 – Niamh Kavanagh

Welcome to this week’s 52 Weeks of Eurovision. If you missed last week’s post on Jade Ewen and Alexander Rybak, you can find it here.

This week I’m going all the way back to 1993, when I was very new to watching the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest this year was held in Mill Street, County Cork, Ireland after Linda Martin sparked off a winning streak the previous year.

This year the United Kingdom was represented by pop star ‘Sonia‘ , but in the final votes…it was a battle of the ‘red heads’ with Ireland’s Niamh Kavanagh, retaining Ireland’s title with the UK in second place. (The same 2 countries in the top position as the year before.)

Niamh was a little known singer, who had previously recorded a number of songs four the soundtrack of the 1991 film. ‘The Commitments’

The unlikely choice of venue was an old cowshed…ok…equestrian centre in a town with a population of 1500, the smallest town to ever host the contest and the most remote.  With 187 points, Niamh Kavanagh sailed to victory with the power ballad, “In your Eyes’.

17 Years later in 2010 Niamh Kavanagh returned to have another go at winning the contest with the song “It’s for you”, however the luck of the Irish wasn’t on her side this time and she finished in 23rd place with just 25 points….and about 4 stone she didn’t want!

Here are the two videos…enjoy


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