Steps Reunite…Again

I can hardly hold back the excitement as Steps announce their 20 year reunion, I am suddenly taken back to a time when ‘pop’ was at its peak and the ‘ABBA of the 90s”  brought us the likes of 5678, One for Sorrow and Tragedy.

It’s 1997 and Claire Richards is still thin, H is a straight man and Lisa Scott Lee has crooked teeth, and I’m off to G.A.Y to watch them lip sync to a program of high intensity cheesy pop with the obligatory dance routine that we had all spent the preceding week rehearsing.

I would stand amongst a sea of men all wearing white vest tops, checking themselves out as they danced to the synthetic beat, glow stick in hand, and every time they released a new song, I’d be straight down to Virgin Megastores to buy it.

I was of course devastated when they decided to split in 2001 , but their music lived on in my heart…and my dancing shoes.  After 10 years they returned with an arena tour and had settled their differences after turncoats H and Claire decided to face their bandmates and warm up their vocal cords.

They left almost as quickly as they came back…but the tour was fantastic, no longer were there a multitude of screaming girls to compete with the screaming queens, they had all grown up (Claire had grown outwards), and we outnumbered them!

Now….they are back with a new single, Tears on the Dancefloor , a new album, Scared of the Dark and a new tour, Party on the Dancefloor starting in November.

To describe how I feel right now in one word….moist!

Here is a little reminder of this classic pop sensation


Shop now….and get rehearsing!

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