Pancake Day Surprise

They say that ‘Nothing ever happens on a Tuesday’, well thats certainly how Shrove Tuesday started in the Line-Hayward household. It totally slipped my mind that it was ‘pancake day’ and besides….with the fit bit now in full use…and a holiday to Mexico to slim down for, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t make my usual trip to Tesco to fetch batter mix and copious amounts of sugary items to fill them with….so instead we ordered a curry….natch. Not very traditional I know, but I’d seen enough photos of pancakes on Facebook to know that there were enough people doing their bit for the religious observance of lent.

Oh wait…we have no  ‘diet cokes’ in the house…cant have a curry without washing it down with a can of aspartame and caffeine. Off to bloody Tesco I go.

‘I’ll walk to Tesco’, I thought, that will go some way to counteract the Chicken Madras…Mushroom rice…Naan Bread…and 4 poppadums (you don’t like to be rude). ” Where’s my trainers?”

It was then that It was confirmed to me that our cat ‘ Reem’ is a complete whore.

As I reached into the ‘man- shoe pile’ at the bottom of the wardrobe, I discovered that we had 2 new editions to the household.

Yes, our cat in true ‘Sonia Jackson, didn’t know she was having a baby until she gave birth on Dot’s couch style‘ had churned out a couple of kittens in my Leboutins…ok reeboks.

Not the first litter…these are kittens number 9 and 10 and every time we go and have her ‘done’ she is bloody pregnant or breast-feeding.

With all the commotion, clearing the cupboard and donating an old hoody for their comfort and ‘awww look how cute these little two are’, the curry arrived..and no diet coke!

Next time, Im sending her to a mother and baby home….hold on…there WONT be a next time! Snip Snip

In the meantime …follow the progress of our two little pancakes.


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15 thoughts on “Pancake Day Surprise

  1. Awww 💜 my cat Libbie had a few litters before we managed to get her bits sorted out! I miss those tiny squeaky meows! Definitely sweeter than lemon and sugar. I now have a hankering for poppadoms and pickles however …

  2. Ha ha! What a great story, must have been a shock! I thought for a minute that your cat had left another kind of present in your shoes lol!

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