How I got 660 Facebook Followers in 3 months from Facebook Groups

I started blogging in November 2016 and it is without question that Facebook remains the biggest source of traffic to my niche-less blog. I have an average of about 300 views a day, sometimes 500 on a very good day and around 70% of these are from Facebook.

Obviously the more you write, the more views you get, I’ve found, and you can’t always rely on your friends to like and share your posts, you really have to engage with people and start to build a relationship if you want people to read what you have written.

I have found that joining Blog Sharing Groups are an excellent way of generating traffic, but there are definitely ‘watch outs’ to this. ย You can either spend a lot of time reading and sharing other people’s posts and getting nothing in return, or you are forced to like and share a specific number of posts, or face being banished by the militant group ‘owner’ for not reading and sharing the boring post about ‘Barbara’s trip to Benidorm’.

Tip: When you like someone else FB page, like it as your page rather than as yourself…that way, they will easily be able to find you and like/follow you back.

Here are some of the Blog Sharing Groups I have used that have attracted followers.

  1. Big up Your Blog ย – Social Saturday and Sunday Blog Share ย – This is by far the best group I have found and has a real sense of community. I really enjoy my Sunday reading over a coffee and feel I have virtually met some great people. You can also use the twitter hashtag #SundayBlogShare to share your posts. Sundays are the days I get 500 views and I can’t recommend this one enough. There are also different threads that you can join most days of the weeks.
  2. Blog Share Learn– Another great one for sharing your blog posts and social media channels. I find this one particularly good for getting additional likes to our Facebook page. Be sure to stick to the rules on this it will be pointed out to you…don’t just post and leave. This group is great for your Pinterest shares.
  3. The Blogging Elite– This group has around 1200 members, I find that I get the most engagement from the smaller groups, as you tend to get to know people more, without having to trawl through untold amount of seriously banal blog posts.
  4. Blogging Newbs – This group has circa 9000 members. I have had some engagement from this one, but as it does have a lot of members, you will have to spend some time going through posts that you may not find interesting. If you have the time, it can be really successful.
  5. Blogging with a smile – This is another great one especially for the social media on weekdays. There is a daily thread for your social media and is particularly good for instagram.
  6. Blogging Genius – A fairly small group of around 600 members , but really useful for social engagement and new readers.
  7. Blog Promo/Mastermind – This one is great for getting likes and calls to action, the only thing I would say is that it has extremely strict rules and unfortunately one that forces you to ‘like for like’. You can get reprimanded and struck off for not liking others, and there are some clearly disgruntled people that will report you if you don’t. So tread carefully with this one and follow the rules.

Don’t be forced into liking pages that don’t interest you and the best way to engage is to read ย fewer pages, but make your comments and interactions more meaningful. If you ‘like for like’ you are wasting time if you are not going to read their posts again and they are not going to read yours. The trick is to compel people into reading. You can only do that by writing great content and building true and organic relationships…not forced ones.

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22 thoughts on “How I got 660 Facebook Followers in 3 months from Facebook Groups

  1. I’ve never been a lover of Facebook, but I do get some views from it, but nowhere near as the traffic I get from Twitter and StumbleUpon. I guess the more time you put into them, the more traffic you’ll get? My only warning (and what put me off Facebook) is be careful who you accept friends requests from. I’ve had a few that I accepted, only to later find out that the Facebook pages of those that sent me friends requests had been hacked. I ended up getting rather eye-popping pictures posted on my timeline. Now, I’ll only accept a friends request if I know I’ve seen them somewhere around planet Blog
    A great write up, though, Matt.

      1. You’ll have to let me know if they appear on my Facebook page, because I’m one of those that doesn’t log into Facebook very much. Now I’m relying on you, Matt! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I joined a bunch of Facebook groups and shared my Facebook page but found that I got likes and followers but they did not engage on my page. Do you find your followers engage with your page??

  3. Hi,
    I appreciate the article. I have a similar post planned on Facebook groups. If I use your ideas, I will link to you.
    I agree Facebook groups have been an invaluable source of exposure and a great place to meet new blogging friends.
    I did not know about all of these groups. I will try them. I’m always looking for self-promotion groups, so thanks again.

  4. Question: U2Hearts gave you a pingback and it’s here. She also gave me a pingback and it’s no where. I saw someone else linked to my Flipboard article as well but it doesn’t say pingback. Is it because I’m self-hosted or is there something I should change in settings? How do you get yours to show?

  5. I used to like Blogging Newbs but the group/page appears to have disappeared from Facebook for some reason? I’ll have to check out some of the others though, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Really good points here Matt. Particularly agree with liking as your Fbk page. So many people like pages as themselves and you can’t track them back even if you did want to reciprocate

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