52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 6 – Katrina and the Waves

Welcome to another addition of 52 Weeks of Eurovision. If you missed last week’s article on Olivia Newton John and ABBA you can find it here.

It’s week 6 now…so about time I celebrated a U.K win!!

1997’s Eurovision Song Contest can be remembered for one thing…..heart-throb Boyzone singer presenting the contest?…..no wait…Katrina and the Waves sailing to victory representing the United Kingdom with ‘Love Shine a Light”

The contest took place at the Point Theatre in Dublin on May 3rd, and was presented by Ronan Keating and Carrie Crowley.  25 countries took part and Katrina Leskanich stole the crown with 227 points, Ireland came second with 157 points. This was the fourth time in 5 years that Ireland had hosted the show.

It is 2o years this year since the UK last won the contest….can you believe it’s been that long?…and as much as Ireland are known for being the most successful country to compete in the contest…they haven’t won for 21 years.! Where does the time go? This was before countries joined via video link and before tele-voting, as  this was pioneered by the UK when Terry Wogan and Ulrika Jonsson presented the contest the following year in Birmingham.

I remember the victory well..as I abandoned my A’Level revision for one night. As a special treat, I have included a little compilation of ‘all the 12 points’ – that will send chills down your spine…. something that anyone under the age of 20 will be totally unfamiliar with…..those magical words; Le Royaume-Uni -Douze Point!

Here is Katrina in her velour trouser suit and leprechaun green over-collar shirt.

Enjoy…..and for heavens sake….bring it back to the UK  this year!





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  1. This is timeless – the almost gospel quality to this song would work most years and I think that “Love Shine A Light” would be top 5 at least every Eurovision…

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