The Story…what we wrote!

Last week I posted the following 2 lines and challenged you to finish the story….here is how it turned out…

Dave had kept his secret for 40 years, but now, faced with a life-changing turn of events he wondered whether the truth should come out…….

It had been so easy to keep his true identity a secret all these years, but now, with that imposter out there, maybe he needed to step up and ‘come out’ as it were……In the darkness outside eyes were watching his window. “You may call yourself Dave now,” the man whispered, “but I’ve found you now my old friend.” It had taken time.

The one feigning to be Dave, the imposter, lay in pieces somewhere in the park behind. An owl hooted and the night walked on.Dave had been taken over by the darkness that consumed him. He has just committed a horrific act, yet he had no remorse. He was saving himself, and felt justified in his actions. What Dave didn’t know was that he had opened up something in himself that was evil. He had liked the feeling of complete power, being in control. It was just the beginning, as the “real” Dave, that he had kept hidden for so long, came out.

Dave decided he felt like some pizza. He needed a hit of carbs so he went for it. No, wait, Dave thought, I just opened up something evil in myself. I don’t want pizza, I want BLOOD! Because he’d need his energy for what lay ahead.

Things had been set in motion and now there was no turning back. He might not have chosen now if he’d been in control of the timing – and indeed the imposter had unnecessarily complicated everything (what were they thinking!?), but he’d always known this day would come. So he’d been prepared, with all he needed – the papers, the proof, and those he could contact who would corroborate his side of it all – lined up for when the day came. And that day of reckoning? Well, it was now seriously nigh. That said, before all that, there were calls to be made, clean-up to be done, loose ends to tie up.And so first? Pizza

The old Grandfather clock chimed mercilessly in the shabby hallway; time was ticking away. Dave felt the blood rushing through his veins, his temples aching. With his head in his hands, eyes unblinking, he knew. Oh he knew what he had to do. So he ordered in, he could check his messages while waiting for the pizza.

He grabbed a beer from the fridge in the kitchen, and went to sit down on the couch but in that moment something happened…a sudden shift to a parallel universe left Dave gasping for breath. Damn it, he thought. I’m hungry. How are they going to deliver my pizza now ? They’ll never find me.

Dave had been transported back in time as he reflected on when this all began.

It was 1977, in Chigwell and Dave was still known to his friends and family as Dawn. Dawn always new she was born in the wrong body, but the concept of telling her family about her transition was to much for her to comprehend, so instead she ran away and started her new life. Dave was created in 1981 after Dawn had lived for 2 years as a man. The missing person’s case was finally closed that same year, but Dawn had already transformed into Dave in a private clinic in Holland.

The only person who new her true identity lay silent in the the park. Dave never really meant to kill him, but the power felt good…

All of a sudden Dave was back in 2017…the sound of the sirens filled the air and he knew this was it! He had lived a life based on untruths and secrecy and he knew he had to pay for his final act. Footsteps got louder and louder and although he was expecting  it, the banging on the door still gave him a fright.

POLICE!!!! OPEN UP!! they shouted

Dave surrendered himself without a struggle as the Police officer recited the words;

“I am charging you with the murder of Dr. Mikel Van der Berg, you do not have to say anything, but It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court”

Dave was incarcerated in a 12 foot cell as the world continued to turn, and life went on..for Dave this would mean ending his days caged and hidden from the world…much like his life up until now.

The morning papers read,

Body of Gender Re-assignment surgeon discovered by Pizza Delivery Boy -Schizophrenic Transgender man charged with murder”.

Thanks to the following people for finishing the story

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