52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 4 -Gina G

Welcome to week 4 of 52 Weeks of Eurovision, if you missed last week’s article on Riverdance you can find it here

This week we look back to 1996 when Australian born Singer Gina G (Gina Gardiner) represented the UK at the contest in Oslo, Norway.

Gina, who had recently moved from her Brisbane home in Australia, won the chance to represent the UK after entering and winning  ‘The Great British Song Contest’ that took place earlier that year.

The song ‘Ooh Aah…just a little bit’ is a high tempo, electronic dance track and was written and produced by British producer, Steve Rodway (also known as Motiv8), who is known for remixes of some great acts such as the Pet Shop Boys and The Spice Girls.

Whilst the song finished in 8th place at the contest, it reached number 1 in the UK chart and also went down well in the U.S, resulting in a Grammy award. The song contest crown this year was snatched by Eimear Quinn representing Ireland with ‘The Voice’.

In 2005, Gina made another attempt to enter the contest and competed against Katie Price and Javine Hylton. It was Javine that stole the show and went on to compete in the contest, finishing in 22nd place.

Here is Gina in her ‘glitter ball’ mini- dress…..an absolute feast for the eyes….if you look closely, you might see what she had for breakfast…



14 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Eurovision: Week 4 -Gina G

  1. My first thought was, “Why is the girl in the yellow dress and shoes wearing black panties?” Then I was shocked that I saw her panties since she hadn’t done a handstand or fallen down. I was actually afraid to continue watching because Gina seems to have remembered her top and forgotten pants or a skirt. As a grandmother I’d feel compelled to find her and lecture her about not dressing like a hoochie.

      1. I’m not sure, but Ken Bruce mentioned it on his radio show when playing some of the songs. I believe at least two of the songs are performed by artists that have been on X-Factor. I’m sure we’ll get told when watching the show tonight. Hope you got the popcorn and wine ready? 😀

  2. I can see why it didn’t hit the mark – not the best singing on the night, the staging looks very dreary and the dancing takes the focus from the song. I’m sure that Gina was happier that she had a massive world-wide hit though…

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